iPad 3rd/4th Gen Screen

iPad 3rd/4th Gen Screen Repair

This iPad repair option replaces the LCD portion of your screen, leaving your display looking crystal clear. If your glass is damaged as well, you will need that replacement so your screen looks and functions like new again.

What Broke and Why Should I Replace It?

Damaged screens are one of the most common iPad issues we see. The glass on these devices is composed of two layers: the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and the glass. The LCD is responsible for the touch-response while the glass is for viewing and protection. Both of these layers are extremely fragile and susceptible to damage. Damage to the display may cause touch issues, display lines, or total disfunction. Once your iPad has reached this point you will have to repair the display before it returns to normal functionality.

Your LCD may be damaged if you are experiencing any of the following:
– Dead spots in the touch screen
– Black spots in the display
– Discoloration on the screen
– lines in the LCD

How Do We Help?

When you see any of those symptoms its a good indicator that your LCD and glass will need replacing. If you aren’t sure if the symptoms apply to your device, it’s perfectly fine. Just stop by and ask us and we will be able to tell you exactly what you need for free! So in either case, bring your iPad Air to the repair experts at Tech Loft! We’ll fix it cheaper, faster and friendlier! And all of our work is covered by our repair warranty.

The price of repairs is subject to change. Please call ahead of your visit to check on pricing.

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