iPad 6 Camera

iPad 6 Camera Repair

This iPad 6 Camera repair option replaces either the front or rear camera leaving your device’s camera looking crystal clear and brand new! Camera repair, in general, is a pretty simple and low-risk repair option.

What Broke and Why Should I Replace It?

Damaged cameras are a common iPad issue that we see on many different models. There are two separate cameras on this device. Both the front and rear cameras are fragile and easy to damage. These cameras can even fail from repetitive use over extended periods of time. In some rare occasions, you may even have one camera that causes both cameras to be unusable. Damage to the camera may cause your camera app to remain black and not register your front camera, rear camera, or both. You may experience blurry spots or lines, blackness, vibration, or complete failure. Once your iPad has reached this point you will have to repair the camera before it returns to normal functionality.

Some causes of camera injury include:
– Dropping
– Hitting something hard
– Pressure
– Liquid Damage
– Age

How Do We Help?

When you see any of those symptoms its a good indicator that your camera will need replacing. If you aren’t sure if the symptoms apply to your device, it’s perfectly fine. Just stop by and ask us and we will be able to tell you exactly what you need for free! So in either case, bring your iPad 6 to the repair experts at Tech Loft! We’ll fix it cheaper, faster and friendlier! And all of our work is covered by our repair warranty.

The price of repairs is subject to change. Please call ahead of your visit for current pricing.

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