iPhone 7 Back Housing

iPhone 7 Back Housing Repair

Your iPhone 7 Back Housing is what we will repair when you choose this repair option. This replaces the back, camera glass and sides of your iPhone 7. Whether your housing is cracked, scratched or chipped, we can replace it! Your old scratched iPhone housing will be shiny and brand new when we’re done!

Your back housing is important because it holds all of the smaller parts of your device, and keeps them safe and protected against damage from liquid, drops, and heat.

Possible causes of back housing damage may include:

- Dropping or throwing your phone

- Bending your phone by sitting on it or running it over

- Impacting or damaging your phone with another object

We use brand new apple parts for all our iPhone 7 Housing repairs and the result is fantastic! Whatever the cause may be, you don’t have to worry. Because we have your back! Let us repair your back housing and make your device look like new again.

We can also offer customizations of the back housings to change the color to just about anything you wish. Call for pricing.

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