iPhone 8 Plus Loudspeaker

iPhone 8 Plus Loudspeaker Repair

This repair option replaces your iPhone 8 Plus Loudspeaker and flex cable. We will replace the entire loudspeaker as well as the connection from the loudspeaker to the motherboard. After your replacement, we will reassemble and test your device to make sure it plays audio clearly. Sometimes mesh may need to be replaced with the loudspeaker, but it may not be included with most speakers which can add an additional cost.

What Broke and Why Should I Replace It?

A damaged or dirty loudspeaker is a very common issue with iPads and one that we repair very regularly. When your loudspeaker is damaged or dirty it can keep you from properly listening to audio from your device. When there is physical damage to the loudspeaker you may experience distortion, unbalanced audio, or loss of one or both channels of audio. The sound may also be distorted if your loudspeaker mesh is dirty and clogged. Most mesh can be cleaned or replaced to take care of this issue.

Your loudspeaker may need to be repaired if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

– Audio loss
– Distortion
– Audio repeatedly fading in and out
– Loss of Speakerphone

How Do We Help?

When you see any of those symptoms it is a good indicator that your loudspeaker will need replacing. So bring your iPhone 8 Plus to the repair experts at Tech Loft! If you aren’t sure if the symptoms apply to your device, it’s perfectly fine. Just stop by and ask us and we will be able to tell you exactly what you need for free! Not only that, but we’ll fix it cheaper, faster and friendlier! And all of our work is covered by our repair warranty.

The price of repairs is subject to change. Please call ahead of your visit for current pricing.

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