Mac Data Recovery

Mac Data Recovery

Needing your Mac data recovered can be a scary situation to be in. We count on our computers to be there for us when we need them. So when your iMac crashes with all your important information on it what can you do? Whether you are a creative professional, a blogging mother, or a CEO, your data is your time and maybe even your money. More often than not this information is irreplaceable and of the utmost value.

Can I Get My Data Back?

This is the ultimate question. Now that you are in this situation, how can you get out of it? With Macbooks and iMacs, the average consumer is pretty limited in the actions they can take. Because of their compact and sleek design, you don't have easy access to the hard drive. This makes Mac data recovery somewhat difficult. But not to fret! Our technicians have been repairing Apple devices for many years. We have the experience and the tools to disassemble your device and diagnose your issue. Our diagnostics come free of charge and are comprehensive. We are able to test both hardware and software which can really cut down on repair time which is vital.

How Can I Keep This From Happening Again?

Well, Apple has a built-in backup system in it's OS that can be used for just that. Time Machine can be a real lifeguard saving you from ever having to deal with this in the future. Time Machine comes standard in MacOS since OS X Leopard, so setup is super simple. We can help you set up a recurring Time Machine backup on your Mac, but some extra equipment may be required. Call ahead with any specific questions you may have concerning your Mac data recovery. Our professional and knowledgable staff can answer all your questions and help schedule your repair so that we can have you back up and running as fast as possible.

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