Mac Tune-Up

Mac Tune-Up

Speed is one of the most touted benefits of owning a Mac OS system. Such integration between hardware and software makes for an amazingly smooth and professional feeling user experience. Unfortunately though after you have been using your device for a bit you may start to notice that it is not running as smoothly as it used to. There can be many different reasons for this unexpected slowdown. Whether it's because of hardware failure, software malfunction, or operating system errors, we are here to help!

Why Is My Computer Slowing Down?

Tracking down the thief that has taken your processing gold can be a difficult task. Many different symptoms of a slowdown can point towards software and hardware issues at the same time. While your first inclination may be to pour some money into more RAM that may not even be necessary. Some simple maintenance may improve the life of your device immediately. While this is the solution we hope for, in some cases the issue can be more in-depth and severe. But don't worry because our technicians have years of combined experience in the industry to quickly diagnose the issue and return your Mac device to out of box condition.

While software issues are very common, you may run into hardware issues as well. From something as simple as cleaning the physical dust out of your case to re-pasting a CPU or even some micro-soldering, we have the expertise and the experience, so let us do the worrying for you and solve your issue. The most common hardware issues that cause a slowdown on Mac devices are Hard Drive failure and RAM failure. While these are the most common, that does not mean that this is the cause of your particular issue. With our free diagnostic we can run a full battery of tests to determine the exact cause of your issue and give you the most cost-effective course of action to remedy your issue.

Should I Even Get a Tune-Up?

Unless you have excessive amounts of physical damage your Mac OS device is most likely still worth the repair. These multi-thousand dollar devices are some of the top choices for creative content creators and college students alike because of their light and slim design, coupled with their smooth operating system. Let us help you get your Macbook, Mac Pro or iMac, back in that like new condition so you can work at your full potential.

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