Macbook Battery Repair

Macbook Battery Repair

Does your battery drain quickly in your MacBook Pro? Maybe you are having problems with your battery charging, or in some cases, your trackpad may not even be clicking anymore. All these issues and more can indicate battery failure on your MacBook. Expanding cells especially can lead to even more permanent physical damage to your device.

Reasons You Should Use Tech Loft For Your Macbook Battery Repair

Repairing MacBooks is a delicate process that should be handled with extreme care. The majority of MacBook models have replaceable batteries. But unfortunately, not all parts are created equally. Some aftermarket and poor quality replacement parts can even cause irreversible motherboard damage and require you to replace the entire device. This is why we only use Original or the highest quality replacement parts in all of our repairs. Our technicians are highly trained and have been maintaining and repairing these devices for thousands of highly satisfied customers. Our commitment to you is to provide the best service in Birmingham!

When is the Best Time to Replace my Battery?

How can you check your Macbook to see if you need a battery replacement? Well, if you navigate to system information and then look under the hardware section you can find a cycle count. A battery cycle is a full 100% usage of the battery, but not necessarily all at once. So 50% then recharge to 100% then use back down to 50% would equal 1 battery cycle. Maximum battery cycle count varies from 300-1000 cycles depending on MacBook model. Checking the battery cycle count is the easiest way to determine if you need a battery replacement. There are even some third-party programs for checking the battery health and cycle count. Using these tools can help give you an idea of the best course of action to solve the issue.'


Your MacBook is a very expensive piece of equipment. A compromised, dying, or dead battery puts your device at risk of physical damage or complete failure. We have the expertise to identify the correct replacement part and install it in a quick and timely manner. All this at a very reasonable and competitive price.

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