Network Setup

On-Site Network Setup

Setting up your new network can be a pain. So many wires and so many different components can seem a little overwhelming. With so many different pieces of hardware going into a powerful and efficient network, it can be hard to make sure everything is compatible. We can install both wired and wireless network configurations to fit your needs.

What Do You Get From Working With Us?

Our techs have been doing small business IT work for years. While many people can set up an "okay" network, okay isn't what we do. With some basic information like square footage, House layout, and a number of devices we can create a plan for your buildout. Knowing all this information allows us to determine the proper equipment for your application. You may need just one single wireless router. Or you might need a full wireless mesh network along with a switch and patch panel. Give us your needs and we can give you our recommendations. You may have your own equipment you'd like us to use, or you may want us to supply our recommendations. Either way, we can turn your dream into a reliable network for all your needs. All of this plus the assurance that we can make your network secure from outside access.

This Sounds Expensive!

For most tech companies to come and install your network and set it up? Yes, that can be pretty expensive. Oftentimes a large part of the cost is normally in the initial survey, trying to figure out what will be needed for the installation. But in most systems, we don't even need to perform that initial survey. Once you answer a few questions about your needs, we can go ahead and give you an idea of your cost. More importantly, that's before any cost to yourself! Give us a call, and we will get your estimate started today.

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