PC Virus Removal

Laptop and Desktop Virus Removal

Viruses and Malware are very prevalent in today's world. And PC virus removal can be quite difficult. Any time you are on your internet browser you are at risk of introducing malware into your system. This being the case, you may already have a virus and not even know it. Let us help you by giving your computer a free diagnostic. We can do a full check up, then let you know what to expect.

Why Do People Make Viruses?

Viruses can have many different purposes. From simply interrupting normal system functions, to stealing your information, malware can wreak havoc. Some malware (called ransomware) can even allow hackers to lock you out of your device. Once they have done that they will offer to return your information. But only after requiring payment of some type. Many viruses can be fairly defunct and just clutter up your computer while taking up processing power. While others may cause mild hardware issues by shutting down Bluetooth, browser extensions or certain programs. But the majority can cause major productivity issues, and keep you from your projects. And that's if the virus's programmers aren't stealing your information.

How Can I Tell If I'm Infected?

This is one question we get asked frequently. What symptoms are there to tell if I have a virus? Your computer may seem abnormally slow. You may have strange programs replace ones that you are used to using. You might have strange experiences while browsing the internet, and you receive an abnormal amount of advertisements. Pop-ups like this can be contained to your web browser, or in severe cases may come on your desktop. You may even get a redirect from a normal version of a website to a version you haven't seen before.

How We Help

Virus removal can be very intimidating. Some viruses can be very simple to remove, but others can be embedded very deeply into your computers operating system. But not to fear! Our technicians have many years of experience in dealing with malware. We offer all our expertise to help you solve your issue. With our free diagnostic we can determine what is causing your issue, and then give you our best solution. After your virus removal, we can even give you our recommendations for anti-malware software. Let us help you get your computer clean and keep it protected!

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