Virus Removal

In-Home Virus Removal

Virus removal is another one of the many services we provide at Tech Loft. No matter who you are, or where you are, anyone's computer can be infected just through honest everyday use. Whether it be checking your email, or browsing the internet, malware is everywhere. It can be very unassuming in its appearance, but deadly when they get a hold in your computer. So what can you do when this happens? While under most circumstances you'd have to take your computer in to have the malware removed, we can come to your home and perform it then and there!

How Does That Work?

Different forms of malware require different procedures for removal. Some require network isolation, while others may require file-by-file cleanup. Our technicians will come prepared for many different kinds of removal and clean-up solutions. Because of the variety of malicious software that has been developed, it will be difficult to give any form of estimated repair time. From basic adware removal to more difficult virus removal, we can take care of you. For lengthy clean-ups, it may be necessary to remove the device to our Hoover location to allow for isolation and thorough cleaning. This allows us to protect the rest of your network and devices from the risk of infection.


So to sum up the whole process. You get a virus. You can't bring the computer in for repair, so you call us. We get some basic information about the situation, and then set up a time for repair. At your appointed time of repair, our technician will arrive to address your virus situation and will discuss the best course of action with you for your device. Simple as that! Call us now to schedule your appointment!

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